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August 13, 2006



Thank you for the beautiful interpretation, it helps me to take a closer look.


Enjoying the education.....


Ah, yes, commentary. Thank you :-). I've been away in CO. I heard you were there too? Nice, that CO.

Beth S.

Beautiful AND educational, this. Now I have to go look up Millet so I will understand why you trust him to portray the details correctly.

The dozing cat is oddly touching.


Marcy! You have a Blog! I'm using Exclamation Points! With abandon! I'm so excited!


I spun on the Suzie this weekend and thought of you - at Claudia's when I'd only had the wheel for 3 weeks and didn't know what I was doing - you made me feel much less nervous and incompetent.

You're putting up those marvelous spinning images I've heard so much about ..... ? What a good idea.

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