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October 31, 2006



It looks to me as if the great wheel is in costume as a spider's web. That would go along with the tableau vivant of Arachne. After all, she did get turned into a spider...


many beat me to it, but yes, some kind of tableau vivant re: athena and arachne.

Crazy Victorians.


I think Jen is onto it - Athena punishing Arachne - although that was a weaving rather than spinning story. But, pretty close....


Maybe it's the Sleeping Beauty scene in the tower when SB is going to prick her finger on the spindle.


I think the one on the right has attempted to spin something that was not properly prepared for the Great Wheel and used the wrong hand to draft, resulting in a tangled mess ...hence the right arm being bound to the wheel.

The one kneeling is begging forgiveness for not being able to do a thing about it.

Jenny in Jersey

Heroines of Jerico uses a spinning wheel as their device, but it mostly seems to be associated with the African American community in the South.

Jenny in Jersey

I think Jen has the right idea. They loved classical stuff and posed scenes in that period. Of course it also comes to mind that many controlled substances/illegal drugs were considered medicines and nerve tonics back then. HEY...wait a minute. I think there is an ladies branch of the Masonic Orders that has something to do with a spinning wheel. I will check it out.


I think the lady on the right is a seer. She seems to be having a Dr. Strangelove moment with her right arm.


For whatever celebration it may be, they are making do with what they have...inexpensive decor for the holidays. I'd also go with May Day.


I think the ladies are drying their linen napkins.

Naomi Dagen Bloom

hello, we met at rhinebeck about which i've just posted--and referred to this curious photo. think it's some sort of tableaux vivant, perhaps relating to Ariadne legend?

even though i too have type pad, i've never figured out what it means to subscribe to its feed. yours, naomi


haha martha!

ok this is my theory. and of course it's going to be all about me. so that's me on my knees there. begging forgiveness to the spinning goddess for not using my wheel (hence the spider web you see there) for spinning but instead using it to dry my "delicates."



The lady on the left is dressed in a more normal dress for the period, albeit all in white. She is kneeling before the lady on the right, who is dressed more in a period interpretation of a goddess.

The "goddess" seems to be making some sort of pronouncement on the kneeling lady - perhaps anointing her with certain powers? Maybe this was a play of the story of Arachne, the weaver who dared to challenge Athena at weaving and was turned into a spider?


Seriously, what the hell? Where do you find these?

I bet E. H. Allen is a relative of Ethan's.


I thought the same thing as Carole. Or else some ode to Greek goddesses.


It looks like they're giving the wheel the "May Day" treatment.

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