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October 15, 2006



I just discovered your blog via the Panopticon.
It's a fascinating yarn-related archive you're building up here.
I do a lot of visual research for my design work and I always appreciate the archivist's eye and labour.
Interesting stuff!

Beth S.

The wheel in the last picture isn't yours, is it?... Suddenly I am immensely curious about the treasures which your own wheel collection must hold! I have a feeling that there must be some fairly awesome antique wheels at your place. Or at least one really stunning, lovingly restored production wheel. Am I right? ;-)


I like that design too. Although the first picture, like the previous post, leads me to wonder: is it necessary to load the entire fleece onto the distaff? These women (and/or these wheels) must have been very productive.

Marcy, Not so Blogless

'"Surprisingly comfortable"? I suppose this means you've ... spun on one?'

Mmmmmmmm, mebbe.


"Surprisingly comfortable"? I suppose this means you've ... spun on one?


I like the cleanness of the design. I wonder why no one uses that design anymore


Most excellent! I'm a left hand drafter, so it would be perfect.

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