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November 24, 2006



Seems to me that it is an evocation of Jeanne d'Arc ( Joan of Arc) in Domremmy .We all learn in school here in France that she was a sheperdess in Domremmy before she became a soldier .In the background you can see a cathedral that would be Reims's cathedral where she brought the king to be crowned.If the currency was printed just after the war she may have been chosen in a sign of national reconciliation as she was and still is a very important character in our national history . I do not remember seing the bill even though I was born in 51 .... Thanks for your posts I just love your blog !

Beth S.

And didn't you mention that Iceland does the same thing? (Sheep, if not spinners?) Now that's the hallmark of a country that has its priorities straight.


I thought France only honored politicians and chefs.

Diane H K in Greenfield

So cool!


Smart country!!


unfortunately france doesn't have such pretty currency anymore. although euros still aren't as boring as dollars.


Why can't we have beautiful currency like that?

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