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November 28, 2006


Diane H K in Greenfield

This picture, and the commentary, made me send coffee through my nose as I guffawed! Glerp! Remind me NOT to drink coffee as your blogpage is loading. . .

Anyway, that is one crabby man and an even crabbier hareem. I suspect he thwacks his hareem with that book on his knee if their knitting is not up to snuff.

This picture explains a lot to me actually; John's family has a bit of Welsh in the ancestry, and they kid each other about their "crabby gene" (which they all exhibit to a greater or lesser degree) so perhaps there is some connection after all.


None of them look that happy, even the little kids.


I think he's there to read to the knitters as they work - they all look crabby because they had just got to a good bit when they were interupted.

Jenny in Jersey

If that is his immediate family, and there are no other guys for male bonding...of course he is crabby. I think it is Jeff Foxworthy who discribed this situation as being "awash in a sea of estrogen".


I'm sure there wasn't a lot to be cheery about.


It's eerie!


The women are crabby because they got told to quit knitting and hold still and the guy is even more so because they wouldn't even let him hold his knitting. Either that or his knickers are too tight.


Woa. That's quite a bunch.


They all probably work under him. He probably keeps track of the number of stockings each has made in that book. I'd hate to get on his bad side. A wee bit of knitting might set him straight though- hehe

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