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November 21, 2006



Effective way to keep from being bored. There are times when I'm waiting for surgeons to arrive, where I wished I had some fiber available.

Jenny in Jersey

Distaves were one topic covered by Alden Amos ans Stefanie Gustad at a program I attended last Summer. I made a wrist distaff, but got no further. This is a good time of year to go out rummaging thru the hedgerows for some likely looking forked branches.


My first thought was, "You can't spin millet, it's straw and birdseed!"

I've been lusting after the line flax from a few blog posts ago. These paintings are making me cast glances toward my hackle and distaff...

blogless sharon

beautiful image


Talk about multi-tasking! It's nice the see the pictures, and I'm thinking it's a late spring setting because the sheep are shorn, but I'm so glad I live now!!,


is this painting cropped for the purpose of posting? just wondering.


I've always been fascinated by distaves. They look so awkward but their use was so prevalent that I keep thinking there must be something to them. Beautiful picture. Idyllic.

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