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November 17, 2006


Jenny in Jersey

I have several small steatite whorls I bought off of e bay...1" to 1/2" diameter. They are said to be from "the Holy Land ca. 100 AD" or so. I should put shafts to them and try them out. Guess they would be a supported spindle, like a Tahkli?

Kat with a K

Oooh, cool. Thanks.


Love those. And that we are doing the same thing. The video? LOUD. I can just see them loving the idea of being the black sheep.

Beth S.

How does a glass spindle whorl manage to survive intact for centuries when I can't even go six months without breaking a water glass? (Different kinds of glass, I know, but still.)

And are they really all Roman? Those lovely ones decorated with swirls (top and bottom rows) look positively modern!


Very cool (and they're beautiful too). Makes me want to try one...

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