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November 29, 2006



I spun up some chocolatey Welsh roving last week- love the stuff! Nice to know what they look like.


Someone took their coats! Actually, I think half of them are in my garage. They must be some kind of Leicester with those deer-like faces. Doncha love 'em?! And look at all that pasture grass. I wish I did have their fleeces.


Ha! That's easy, Beth. There are two ways to get photos of sheep--au naturel, in which case they will be scattered hither and yon, paying absolutely no attention to the photographer. Or the photographer or someone standing next to the him/her can shake a bucket with grain in it. That's the only thing that will get such a riveted expression from sheepy people.

The photographer snatched that photo a split moment before they charged.

Beth S.

They look happy, don't they? I would too, if I were frolicking in a beautiful green countryside like that.

It looks a little like they're charging the photographer, though. Wonder what's up with that? ;-)


Looks like someone is brandishing a bale of hay in front of them.

Fleece on the hoof...gotta love it.


They do look happy -- look at that landscape!


And THIS is the reason I like sheep better.


Oh, that's much better. Thank you!!! (And look at the conformation of those sheeps!)

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