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December 10, 2006


moncler netherland

Beautiful!!! You truly have an eye for colour.


Is there any update on having written to the folks about this? I would also like to see a book on the mittens, patterns, and info! thanks.


I would like to purchase mittens for sale. Does anyone know of a distributor or a contact in Latvia?


If you have the contacts, please urge them to publish all these pictures and information in book form. I'm sure it would sell!


If you know the contacts, please urge them to publish all this in a book. I'm sure it would sell!

Diane E.

Wow! Thanks!

Ruta D

my mother, being an immigrant from latvia, has knit many pairs of mittins, but she has made them just a fraction of the size for ornaments to wear on clothes, purse, christmas trees, etc.
the regular size mittins are very warm, and wonderful!


I very much want to successfully download the Latvian mitten file. But each time I click on the link above, my browser starts downloading gibberish into a web page window, rather than downloading an executable file. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

John Kadilis

As a Latvian-American I was thrilled to see your writeup and positive comments from all over about Latvian mittens. They are also quite sturdy and will last for years. You can probably buy a pair by klicking on Latvians online.


This message makes me very happy!!! It is so good to see traditons kept alive for the coming generations and i wish i could have seen it in real. If a book will be published I will deffintely buy it.
Warm wishes from Jan from Holland who is a knitting addict


what a great find! i sent an email to the site editor, suggesting a book with the photos & a discussion on each region, from which the patterns were produced. maybe with some encouragement, they'll put something together, when the web photos come down.


Wow! How amazing! The Latvian people are truely rich in character. I think I will learn to knit a pair of these mittens in honor of the great generosity of this people. Thanks so much for sharing this important contribution! Love your blog:)


Kristin Nicholas

Tooooo wonderful for words! Thanks to you and all those knitters and the web for spreading the art and history.


Wow! Thank you for the links! I wish they'd put up women's mittens from that first region, but the rest of the pics are so fabulous I almsot don't miss them. I really appreciate your pointing these out. Amazing!


Thanks for the links Marcy!
I had been following the press release stories, but missed the individual photographs....so thanks!


What a treasure trove of visual info! Thanks for putting this out there for us.


Amazing. Thanks for the post and all the links!


Stunning display. I'm very happy that you are helping to preserve their existence. Thank you.


What amazing mittens. You're right, they're all treasures, each and every one.


Incredible! I'll need some time to study all the photographs. Thanks for this inspiring log.

Beth S.

Wow. Guess I won't be getting any work done today...


Wonderful post! The photos awesome and patterns on each mitten very inspiring. It would be lovely if someone printed up a book of them all including history etc.. Thanks for adding some color to such a gray, rainy day.


The mittens are amazing. I hope the recipients know how lucky they are!


Wow. They are beautiful. I would buy a book with the photo collection in a minute, if only someone would print it. What a wealth of creativity.


Fabrous! Thanks.

But also? We'd like a closer up of the woven band used as a belt on the woman's dress. We who are weavers, that is. Please?

julia fc

thank you Marcie! That's an amazing database.

Cindy D

I,too, celebrated these mittens on my blog...http://cindyknits.blogspot.com/2006/10/latvian-mittens.html

We definitely need to keep the information and photos!


There is such an incredible wealth of inspiration in these mittens - I'm not sure I could ever get tired of them. Thank you so much for finding them and putting up the link(s)!


Wowza! Nothing says good will like keeping your guests warm in a cold climate.

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