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January 24, 2007



Great video! Having spun mostly in isolation it's interesting to watch her technique. Wonder what she did with the wool she was spinning.


I hope we don't look that grim during our fiberwork.

And boy does she spin fast. Probably.


I love the wheel, did yu notice how she has the maidens tied together?

Also, in case I ever get there...pray, what is the Moddey Dhoo?


Thanks for sharing the clip, very interesting and educational.


Robust drafting is right! The resulting yarn looks rather coarse and suitable for rugs and outer garments.


It looks like she's spinning clockwise. I wonder if the Portugal spinner is her twin sister separated from her at birth-- don't they kind of look similar? As if Mrs. Maddrell is the kindly one and Mrs. MoFo is the bitter one?

Janice in GA

Boy, she does tug on those rolags! Either the wool is pretty sticky, or some twist is getting into the drafting zone. :)

Diane H K in Greenfield

I love how she beats dem rolags into submission with the back of the cards.

I love the close-up of her face at the end. I wish she was my grandmother.

I wish the moddy dhoo would come and eat my pain-in-the-ass neighbor.


Is she spinning S or Z (that's zed )? Great clip, anyway.

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