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January 06, 2007


Gordon A. Jaecks

Anyone, Please help me ID a maker of fine 2 bench style Scandinavian spinning wheels.The wheels are signed O. Tragenon. I have been given a name of Ola Trageton with birth/death dates of 1845/1945?? See wheel on E-Bay #251169548485. Thank you.


Sooo... the possibility is great the bottom photo shows a spinner with her new wheel, eh? Good going with the Laurie. Just what she needed.


Lovely artwork. Makes me want a wheel of my own!



I thought the same thing when I saw those pictures. Continuity is a great thing.


Manise doesn't realize she could be next. Juno, she's already sliding on her butt down that slope.

I like the sense of connection. Thank you!


That looks like Laurie's wheel in a past life! Great enabling btw.


Hee. Well done with the Ehterknitter. It took a group effort to break down her resistance, but look at her now!

Love the clock with yarn - the images that makes the past come alive are the quirks that show the humanity of us all.

Diane H K in Greenfield

Hmm. I believe the background in the top picture is a painted backdrop, believe it or not!

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