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January 31, 2007



Wow, it's a top down sweater--that has to be why everyone is staring LOL.

Patricia A

I know what you mean. People always act like they think I'l turn around and stab them with the needles (or hook in my case, since I'm usually crocheting).


I'm so not observant. I didn't notice the two necks, till now.


Great picture! The question is, is it the act of knitting that they're staring at or are they freaked out by the the fact that's a 2-headed/ necked sweater?



Except my head then started thinking about how one would go about creating a two-necked sweater...


Talented. Top down two necklines.


I remember Judith MacKenzie telling about a time she was asked to judge hand knitting. She held up the sweater and commented on the clearly uneven sleeves length, saying that unless the recepient had two different length arms, there was no excuse for such carelessness. It was deliberate,and no one had the forethought to advise her of this design accommodation. She was chagrined.


I have to wonder how many socks she knits to match the sweater.


She has a two headed grandchild?


Ha, ha, ha...that's funny!


But really, I look *nothing* like that when I knit on the subway... really.

Beth S.

...though I could swear that sweater has two necks on it?... Okay, maybe that is a little weird. ;-)

Beth S.

yes! That is EXACTLY what it's like! Except with even more staring people.

Honestly. It's not like we're sacrificing live chickens or something. It's just knitting!

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