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February 25, 2007



ummm ... that's not a nostepinde and he hasn't been stabbed. This is a medieval version of a woman with a headache. Or in today's lingo, she just said no, not tonight.


I've got to agree with Sharon- she kind of looks like "he". Maybe the victim has been "unfaithful" explaining the beating or was caught playing with her distaff and spindle and was gored with a nostepinne for good measure.

Beth S.

I think these are my favorite pictures yet! :-)

Wonder what he did to deserve that beating. Too much time down the pub, not enough time carding wool for her?... And, uh, did she STAB him too, or is that just something sticking out of his shirt pocket? Yikes.


I think it's a cross dresser. Where's her womanly figure??


Alternate title "Thank you, ma'am, may I have another."


Smote (smited?) with the distaff of displeasure.

LOL, Laurie M - I was just thinking the same about the nostepinne!


That'll teach that no-good useless slacker to forget to feed the lambs.

Seriously, look how spindly and weak he is, and she's this tower of strength. Verrrrry interesting.


Hmmm. Hadn't thought to use my distaff that way. Thanks for the helpful hint!


Medieval husband abuse? And people are surprised by it today!

Has the fellow been stabbed with a nostepinne?


A formidable weapon indeed, despite the padding.

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