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March 22, 2007



The comments referring to that stupid book make me so sad. A nasty, money-grubbing, attention-seeking, spoiled brat wrote a book to cash in on the fame of a dead woman who was not here to defend herself. If anyone should be mocked, it should be the so-called daughter.

Alfred Eberle

Why, Miss Crawford looks as fabulously happy, relaxed, and beatific as she is known to have been. Ahhh...


Hmmm, I wonder if she ever knit with metal needles? Bwhahahahaaaa!


Wonderful pictures. Everything is so perfect, the yarn even matches the fabric of the furnishings.

pamela wynne

Gah! That first picture is tremendous! (it's also my new computer desktop) Thanks for sharing.


"no metal needles!!!!!!"


...i wonder if she ever made any of those wooden hanger covers....


I'm not sure what her expression says to me. I'm knitting? How quaint~


Ah, the hair, the decor, the makeup. Whew. The knitting is just the perfect prop.

I guess knitting has been dumbed down in previous eras, too.


You find some amazing things, m'dear. Very cool. I've heard there is something floating around of Audrey Hepburn Knitting. Maybe from Breakfast At Tiffany's? Have you seen anything like it? I'd love to have this pic. She's one of my favorites.


blogless sharon

boy she is one uptight lady
I bet she's a tight knitter


Love the video and the pictures. Relaxed is never the word that comes to my mind when I think of Joan Crawford. She does seem content though.


Oh, those are just fantastic! She looks a bit crazed, doesn't she?

Beth S.

Funny, that afghan doesn't look like garter stitch, does it? Maybe the yarn is finer than I think it is, so it appears lacy when knit on those great big needles.

Still, cool! :-)


She's diva-licious! My favorite onscreen bitch... although, she could be funny, too.

As for the knitting, I was expecting something more like aran knitting from her or at least cables!


Happy and relaxed? Joan Crawford? I think not. But I love that she was a knitter.


That's about as happy and relaxed as she's ever looked. There's only so much you can do with the perpetually surprised expression.

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