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May 31, 2007



I just stumbled over your site - I love you!
Wonderful little tidbits of information. . .thanks for all your research and hard work!



Very cool Marcy! See, I am finally commenting.


How cool! I wish I could ask her to turn around so I could get a better look at that support.


What a great tour of the (spinning) world you've given me this morning. I bow arthritically in your general direction.


Wonderful post! Love her bag better than a wrist distaff. Will have to try it out and see.


The scenery surrounding the sheep is absolutely amazing!

Great pictures!


It exemplifies "necessity is the mother of invention." You have to admire her pluck. I'll be able to tell if Sara's telling the truth or not. We're on retreat in Virginia City next week and all share a communal bathroom on the floor. I just bought new PJs at Costco so I am well-clad when I go to the bathroom during the night. Is that an oxymoron - Costco, well-clad? I remember the day when I only had to get up to go the bathroom at night when I was pregnant. Who knew it would become permanent?!


I really like her "wrist distaff". It must keep her fibre from blowing around and getting caught up in her drafting.


Her outfit looks remarkably like my everyday get up: Cool mornings, layer it on. Peel it off as the day gets warmer. I even have the patches, although it's beginning to be patches on the patches around here.

I don't have a sheepskin for a shawl though, thanks for the tip.

takes her fashion cues from around the world


She is wearing almost every single type of fiber there is! What a great picture AND I want a waist device like that....what are they called? Perfect solution for support spindling.

Cindy D

Stunning!!! Talk about multitasking.............

Beth S.

Cool! I wonder how the support stick stays put... she must have it belted to her pretty tightly for it to stay at that angle, but how comfortable can that be, especially if you have to chase sheep around all day?


Very cool! A fabulous book on Ladakh textiles is Living Fabric by Monisha Ahmed.

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