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May 03, 2007



Shades of Monty Python. Does anyone remember the killer rabbit in 'The Holy Grail?' I think these sheep must be related. Where is Oh Might Tom when you need him?


What a beautiful BWD (big white dog, a term used for several breeds of livestock guardian dogs (LGD)). He looks like a Maremma Sheepdog ( I have two)and they are wonderful dogs - and a source of some nice white "down" for spinning, or so I have heard.

Elaine, Wet, whatever..

um? Marcy? Honey?? Those BWD's will protect the SHEEP, not you!! May I suggest some #15 needles of the aluminum variety instead?

(however, Oley looks quite adorable)


I agree with Carole. And we should knit with wool during the show.

Cindy D

Excellent security for you, Marcy.

I think I'll pass on the film after seeing the trailer.


This new breed looks kinda vicious!


Oh my gosh! I hate horror flicks, BUT I dont think I'll be able to keep myself from going!


I hope this one comes to my area. I've _got_ to see it!

Beth S.

I dunno, will this movie put me off wool? I wouldn't want that to happen. ;-)


I think we should all go see it together!

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