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May 14, 2007



Great photo - Sharon sent me and said that you always had interesting content and she is right! Personally, I do love spindles, and it isn't always about who is the fastest.


I find myself putting my values on her culture. Get a wheel - it's faster!! Who says she wants to go faster?? She looks pretty content in this picture.

Crafting Jen

I put a ticket in the raffle can at NH S&W for the supported spindle kit. It's a type I don't have yet, and I find myself wondering if it will help me spin super-thin laceweight yarns.

It was so great to meet you Saturday! I've been a subscriber to this blog practically since day one. I'm constantly impressed with the wonderful imagery you manage to find, especially the vintage pieces. Thanks for doing this, it's a good thing for us all to learn about the roots of our craft!


So how does the spindle spin if it's sitting on the ground?


Speaking of spindling, my dear, I hope that I can enlist your help at Cummington in my search for A Spindle that I Might Actually Use. Are you game? I'm pretty easily enabled. Just ask, er, everyone. ;)

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