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June 21, 2007



I love Delftware. We visited Holland when I was a kid and it was amazing. Thanks for bringing back the memories!


Those are some gorgeous tiles! I've never seen them grouped together on a wall like that. Those cured meats hanging in the back look pretty yummy too!


Cool looking wheel. So where were you Saturday?!


The thing on her head is most likely a cap. Based on the hanging gas lamp, I'm assuming no electricity, so that meant light, heat, and cooking were all done with coal, wood, kerosene, etc. so the tidy homemakers wore caps to keeps the soot from all that out o ftheir hair. After all, it took forever to heat the water on the wood stove, so you might get a bath once/week.

Also--"Connecticut" type wheels--They just have extra gears to spin faster. Just like a high-speed flyer now.


Just had to mention, this is how tired I've become: I read your caption to the first image as "...shepherd and his sheep dates" What?! "sheep dates?" Is this some lonely shepherd story? Oh....let's read that again. (heh)

Beth S.

Interesting wheel! I've never seen one like that before, with the spoked part proportioned like that.

Can I make a special request? :-) I don't understand the point of the "Connecticut"-type wheels, with multiple drive wheels mounted on them. They look like freaky mutant wheels to me. Care to expostulate on them? :-)


What's on her head?


It's a 1930's action shot - she's actually spinning!


You have the most incredible blog! I love to read your entries! Where do you find these things!


Beautiful Delft! And are those hams hanging from the spinner's ceiling? Something edible, anyway, I suspect.

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