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June 04, 2007



I saw in "Suzannes", one of Lynchburg, VA yarn shops a greeting card with Millet's tender painting "The Knitting Lesson". I want my own card, if not a copy of the print......

Mehdi Haghshenas

Iwont forget it.


I think the second one is my favorite. Thanks so much for finding and posting these lovely images!


Wow, someone else who collects knitting whatnot. I love the portrayls of knitting in art. I collect knitting quotes in literature. Do you mind if I also collect art knitting photos off your blog? Feel free to check out my blog, www.jebaines.blogspot.com

Diane H K in Greenfield

Hey! It's me and Pixie in a couple years...and if we were French...and it was 125 years ago.


I am loving allyour pictures. catie


Hi - I just popped over from the Yarn Harlot's, as well. I have enjoyed reading through your past postings - very interesting, you provide a unique experience - I'll be visiting again!

aurora fox

hi--I also just found your blog thru the Yarn harlot---I love the paintings!! and info about them. I also use some vintage or older images like these on my craft blog ---do you mind if I use these sometime? please visit my blog and see what I it is like


Just found your blog through the Harlot and wow. That's all I can say. Except that I'll be here for hours. Thank you!


I'm voting for either the first or the last.


What a wonderful image of the mother/daughter relationship. Speaking of patience, to think how many times he painted the same image until he was satisfied!


I love the detail, like the scraps on the floor in all three paintings. Are they yarn or fabric? From the mother's work or the daughter's? Food for the imagination. I also notice the different contents of the workbasket on the windowsill.


Those are fabulous. I especially like the first one.


You can just feel the tenderness between the teacher and child. Thank you for sharing that image!


I've always loved that image of Millet's but didn't realize there were so many variations of it.

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