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June 16, 2007



Oh this is so cute!


Ha! I liked the kabob effect... but then I'm a little twisted that way.


I love me the lambies.


Amazing. I would think that would break their little lambie legs. Evidently not.


What a cute little lamb! Flying through the air with the greatest of ease, that daring young lamb... Wait. That sounds all wrong. LOL Great photos!


What great photos! Love those little lambies!


Great photos! Esp. the last one!

...and that flying sheep appears to be ready for a carousel ride!


The photo of the flying lamb is really amazing :-)


Its kind of a "tiggers bounce" thing. They have springs, you know.


Of course lambs can fly. At a young age they are given lessons, which must be practiced, in order to provide us with sheep to count at night.


Isn't she just saying "Come fly with Me..." or is it only me that hears that song?


I always love the authority of a working dog. Maybe that's because our dogs don't do much work, which is probably a reflection on their trainer. Oops - would that be me????


Your lamb pictures made me smile on a day when I needed it. Er, Especially when I looked closely enough to be certian the lamb wasn't pre-kabobed (No Cece you're not alone).


Nice photos, I made my daughter come look at them. I said look a bunny sheep. She said I think that one has been touched by pixie dust and trying to fly. We then read what you wrote and said, oh :).

Beth S.

Awwww! Little Icelandic lambs, playing lamby games! Does it get any cuter than that? (I submit that it does not.)

Are they being looked after by a Maremma sheepdog? :-)


No, Cece, I had the same thought. Also, flying sheep! Baaa... thud. Baaa... thud.


In that last picture, it appears that a lamb has grown up into a big white dog.

Biology Miracle 1.0


OK - am I the only one to think that the sheep in the top picture looks like it's on a squewer?

mamaloo, the doula

I didn't know they liked to play King of the Castle and jump off large rocks, but I did know that spring lambs jump around a lot. There is a special name for it. Spronking? They jump up into the air with all four feet. I've only read about it, and I'd love to visit a farm and watch the lambs jump about. I'd imagine it's pretty funny.


They ought to invite some pigs over for lessons.


She looks like she's having a blast! Last year at Rhinebeck I bought some Jager yarn. How cool to see the sheepies.

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