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August 27, 2007



Hey! It's an Alden Amos wheel there in the lower left corner...

Cindy D

Looks like she's listening to an Ipod while spinning! She doesn't need a man!


I love this one. I love that it has a niddy in it, and that the guy is being very familiar, despite the weapon(s) in her hands. And that is such 21st century thinking on my part.

Sheila Bosworth

If you click on the link to the rijksmusum.nl page, there's another spinner portrait by Maarten van Heemskerck... I *love* these Dutch paintings.

blogless sharon

What a hoot,he's just not going to miss an opportunity

Ruth S.

p.s. - remember artistic license. If the painter thought the niddy was too large in scale, he'd just paint it smaller. Sacrifice reality for the (ahem) better picture.

Ruth S

OMG- At first glance, I thought the strap for her headscarf was for an iPod earpiece!! sorry, I was looking at the website Denise posted on ST - http://seehere.blogspot.com/ and got a dose of the sillies.

I'm thinking the left hand is holding the bobbin/spindle from the wheel.


That is hysterical.


She's thinking, not now; not ever.

Teresa C

Heh, the scene at my house on some nights. :)

Gail R

Love the captioning you have put on this painting. It fits so well!

Sigga Sif

Jeez, my brain isn't working. I obviously meant to say "the painter", not "the photographer"! Modern life, huh.

Sigga Sif

Brilliant! Her face looks so hopeful towards the photographer, silently begging him to get this idiot off her!


That's a knitty-noddy in her right hand and she's skeining what she's spun onto the bobbin that she's holding in her left hand. She certainly does look exasperated though.


Hysterical commentary! The thing in her hand does look like a support spindle with frog hair on it. Perhaps it's also used as a nostepinde. The end will come in handy to poke the crap out of him as he tries to maneuver around the "bases" with her.


I'd like to second Abby's question: what is she holding in her left hand? And what kind of wheel is that, tucked into the bottom corner there?

Beth S.

Wow, what a detailed painting! I've never seen a niddy-noddy represented on canvas before. Hers is quite small; I wonder why she was using such a tiny one? And the thing in her hand that looks like it might be a support spindle is actually a bobbin from the wheel next to her, I'm thinking. How intriguing! Off to click for big so I can see if there are grooves in it...


You can practically see her eyeroll.


I think she is saying *Not *this* guy again*.


I like the look on her face.


I love Dutch paintings. This one is a beauty!

Abby Franquemont

I'm intrigued by the left-hand object. Sorta looks like a Russian spindle. Removable spindle for her wheel? Actually a nostepinde? What is it?

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