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August 31, 2007



I'm curious what breed of sheep those are. Those Turks are ingenious people. They make a right fine spindle. ;-)


As it should be? Are you sure? ;-)

And hey, I wanna know what kind of sheep those are. You ought to know that by now.


Wonder what the sheep per person ratio is?


Catherine has a sharp eye, and Manise has a sharp mind.


This is what I found so bizarre about Turkmenistan as well - medieval-looking houses and people with satellite dishes on the roofs and walls! Notice huge wobbly fat tails and butts on the sheep; normally regarded as the tastiest part!


I've been to Turkey many times growing up. Those are definitely sheep, not goats. Turkey also has a very large fault line going through it and earthquakes may be responsible for the crumbled homes. The rock construction doesn't hold up well to earthquakes. Her top looks woven. The pile of wood in the background is probably for fuel and cooking in outdoor ovens. Because her head is I covered I suspect she is Muslim, though not necessarily.


Do you think I need a couple for my back yard?


I am studying the first picture, trying to figure out what is going on in the background. What I notice is crumbling buildings, a pile of debris - it almost looks like the building in the background has an earth roof, or is it a wall? With the sheep, one must assume that a field is near-by - like the one in the second picture? The sky is very interesting. The sheep (or goats!) look very sweet, and I wonder if the shepherdess is wearing a sweater that she knit...

Beth S.

Is she tending sheep or goats? They're a little out of focus, but the shape of their heads is a bit goaty. Around the ears, sort of...


Are those satellite dishes in the background of the first pic? hee!

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