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August 21, 2007


Dale-Harriet in WI

Have to comment too - I LOVE your pictures! Is it just me, or does it appear she may be blind? I have Severin's book of 19th century photos and never tire of looking at pictures like that. And the link picture? You'd be amazed how much I look like that while I'm locked in the bif knitting while my dentures dance around in their fizzy bath!


Oh, I love this lady.
I'm not even sure why.


I agree with Lucia on this one, she looks to me like she is wearing a woman's version of muttonchops!

Any idea what this garment was called?


Quite the visage!


I'm particularly fond of the look on her face - almost a smirk, don't you think?


She looks to me like a nice woman to know. Do you know why these women would choose to be photographed with their knitting? Seems it was a big deal in those days to be photographed - as opposed to today, when we can take so many, of everything. I wonder what the story is? Interesting!


Yeah, I can't get into the hat, but more than anything, I'm wondering about the total weight of her garments. Whaddya think? More than five pounds???

blogless sharon

I bet her ears stay warm


Welsh women appear to grow into their hats. Inside, she's singing "I'll put a spell on you..."


I'm digging that hat.

Teresa C

Ha! I love those Welsh Knitters.


Maybe she had a toothache? Or maybe her husband had muttonchops and she really, really liked the look.


She's really quite handsome!


I enjoy your pictures. Thanks for putting them up.


As an American knitter of Welsh descent, I have really enjoyed the last two pictures. They grace the front & back of my sock knitting notebook - keep me grounded! VBG!

Thank you for sharing your collection.

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