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November 30, 2007



Thanks for sharing that beautiful picture.


That is a beautiful picture!

Sue A

What a lovely picture. Yes, the little girl's shoe is under her mom's chair.

Is the mom possibly expecting another child??? Looks like a slight tummy bulge, and maybe why her feet are up.

Such detail - the vines on the wall, the little girls porcelain doll.....


What a beautiful painting. I want that skirt.


Oh, I just love the feeling of her feet up on the chair and the laughter in the air! Thanks for sharing this.

Sandra D

Ah, it's a lovely scene and wonderful painting. Thank you!

blogless sharon

It looks almost like a photo. what a lovely painting. thanks


And it's a green sock! The brick floor is wonderful. You can just feel a warm spring day...


Thank you - a lovely, calming picture, I feel better after seeing it. Some artists have a knack for capturing pleasant moments, drawing one in. This is what knitting is for me; calm, relaxing, enjoyable. I belong to a couple of knitting groups and this painting reflects that feeling that we share. Thank you!


That is a stunning piece. I wonder if it was inspired by the every day subject matter that the Impressionists brought into being?

Deb Robson

Oh, lovely! Thank you!

I'd love a print. Maybe I'll have time to try to find one.

Gossip: no way. The central figure is leaning back.

dale-harriet in WI

"Gossip"? No, there's only warm companionship and familiarity there...what a beautiful portrayal of a convivial chinwag. Thank you indeed for this.


The image produces such endorphins of contentment for me - I can't image either title being suitable. Perhaps Contentment - maybe Friendship? There aren't many pictures that pass the, "But would I hang that one in my house?" and this one made it with flying colors.


You're right. This painting is much different than his other works. I didn't even recognize him.

I'm a big, long time fan of the ARC.

dianna rubidge

Your "would it kill ya to comment" woman convinced me to say hello.

This is a great picture. Not at all sentimental yet so inviting. Wish I was there.


Great painting- helps me forget how damn cold it is out. The other shoe is there. One has to imbiggen the photo to find it next to the chair leg in front of her.


Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful image. I wonder what the gossip of the day is?


I love that painting. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for a wonderful picture. I smiled as I looked at it, feeling a great feeling of "sisterhood"

Andrea (noricum)

Gwen: Isn't that the shoe under the chair?

Andrea (noricum)

I love Waterhouse's style. I have a poster of one of his paintings of a woman smelling a rose growing on a wall. The hands in particular are spectacular.


It's beautiful and it makes me long for summer.

Deborah Hyland

Pretty painting--I have several books on Waterhouse & have never seen that work before. I love the corded bonnet on the little girl.


Especially real - the girl with only one shoe on. And I couldn't find it during my quick scanning.

Beautiful, homey painting.


Wouldn't you love to join in? I can just imagine the happy chatter and the pitter patter of little feets while you knit on a warm summer's afternoon, surrounded by all that good english brick (such lovely texture) and those humble little geraniums. I'm there!

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