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November 22, 2007



The stuffed, featherless turkeys are bizarre, but the fun fur turkey approaches disturbing. The hats...all I can say is WTF?????


I'm late to the party, but what a scream! Love the turkey progression to abso-funk-ulutely ugly. Ha ha haaaaaaaa! I want a knitted turkey pillow now, for my bed, snort!

Kristin Nicholas

Amazing what people will knit or crochet, isn't it?


What a hoot! Thanks!



Hilarious. You kind of caught me off guard. The first turkey dishcloth seemed pretty nice to me....but then.....

Beth S.

Where do you FIND this stuff? ;-)

I saw a real turkey (the wild kind) while walking to the train this morning. I'm sure that is a fairly common sight where you are, but I was pretty surprised to run smack into one in the 'burbs.


I feel ill and need to go and lie down.


A belated happy Thanksgiving to you! Have I mentioned that you're twisted? That would explain why I like you.


Clearly Maryse and Stitchy are underachievers.


Good God - some people have waaaaaay too much time on their hands.


yeah!!!!! sure got me belly laughing!!


Thank you for a unique Thanksgiving treat! While we always like to stick to tradition, it's nice to have something new added once in awhile. I hope you had a great holiday!


ROTFL. Those are brilliant.


ha! most excellent!

Sandra D

No need to biggify most of those! The cloth was nice, though, as you said.


I'd like not to think someone spent hours from their one life making these items! Dread! Gad!

dale-harriet in WI (your adoring fan)

oh now - that's just wrong. I mean, there are some PERVERSE knitters in our universe. Dreadful! Outrageous! Scandal!! (and also, I adore those headless knitted turkeys they are BAD!) By which I mean *great*! I was going to ask for patterns but you know? Nawww, I'm not that good a knitter. KUDOS (I think) to their creators, and to you: a million thanks; a bit of Bizarre is a huge treat.


My friend Amy is visiting and just asked me, now what kind of comment can you make on that, and I don't know. It leaves us speechless. Day after, with a houseful of friends and family, we're still celebrating and thankful. Thanks for contributing to the fun.


Is the chick below the same one as above, but with a homelier version of the turkey hat accompanied by braces too? Love the variegated headless one- hehehe. Thanks for the holiday chuckle!


Very very scary knitted stuff, especially the knitted turkey knitting.

Janice in Ga

Uh, that knitting stuffed turkey frightened me. If I have nightmares about it, I'm blaming you!

(just kidding... great, albeit scary, pictures.)


The scariest part of the last two items: the designer calls them Sexy Turkey Hats. I kid you not.


Wow, where do you find these things? I bow to your complete image mastery. Not only are they strange, but somehow becoming. I could wear - no, SHOULD wear some of these.


If I am not mistaken (and I could be wrong, because it hurts my eyes to peer too closely at these!)some of these may be crochet... although I imagine that that won't absolve the knitters of the world of responsibility for the rest!
What a gas! Thanks for the laugh!


Oh. My. God.

Thank you soooo much, Marcy. So very, very much.

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