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December 31, 2007


Beth S.

I think that sheep got into the punch bowl. ;-)


Hi - Happy Belated Holidays! We've been away, just got home and am catching up on reading - love the photo! I knew there would be a good one here. Thank you for a wonderful, unique site - I always look forward to your posts! Wishing you a very happy and successful New Year!


Wishing you the best in 2008 as well. Remember when we were worried about Y2K? And now it's almost ten years later with a lot of pretty cool technology in between - lucky us.


On New Year's Eve, I was totally going to wear the same earrings as your sheep. Dang, she beat me to it. Happy New Year! May yours be filled with health, happiness, fiber, and friendship.


Happy New Year to you and a big thank you for sharing the sheep photos with us.


Happy New Year. Thanks for the sheepy music. I think.


Happy New Year, right back atcha. I hope 2008 is a fine one for you.


Happy New Year!!

And thanks for all the smiles I get from Habetrot!

(...the sheepish music reminds me of something my grandmother had called "lamb in a can")

Sandra D

Happy New Year back! Thanks for a great year of fun and interesting stuff to see and learn.


Happy New Year to you too!


Happy New Year to you and Ollie! Great sheepy pic complete with ornament!


Happy New Year to you, too! Did the golakes site inspire you to come over for Woolfest next June? Go on, you'd love it!


Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!


Happy New Year and thank you for all the interesting items you post!

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