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December 22, 2007



That is funny!

I guess if the shoe fits...(er sheep fits?) you could wear it!


When I had a few sheep in N WI one of my kitties would "wear" her favorite sheep in the winter. I'd peek in the barn and see the cat buried neck deep in wool snuggled on top of Sweetie Pie the sheep.


Very cute! Merry Christmas!

Sandra D

I love it! So true... wear wool! I gave a wool stocking cap as a gift two years ago. I learned this year that it was the hat of choice because it was warmer and softer than others in the wardrobe (recipient learned today it's because it was made of WOOL). Unfortunately, it also got eaten by moths when the synthetics didn't. Soooo, I'm going to make a new cap, which will then be stored for the off season in a cedar chest or in the freezer.


Random question, based on your blogs months back about supported spindle spinning in Ladakh. Were those your own photos? Do you know where, precisely, in Ladakh the woman was?
I also saw the YouTube video, and was gobsmacked because I'm researching the spinning in Ladakh. Haven't heard of anywhere else where they use a supported, whorl-less spindle for regular wool. In the YouTube video, the woman clearly tells the guy it's wool in Hindi - but you're right, it could be a delicate type of wool. Looks like a spindle normally used for cotton to me...
Anyway, wanted to check in with someone else who's paying attention to this. Found you through Joy's blog. Found her on Ravelry. I'm on there as himalaya.
Nice to meet you!


At Rhineback this past year, one of the vendors (Morehouse Yarns) had knits to knit a scarf that looks like a long, flat sheep.

Sigga Sif

What a great comic strip!

Merry Christmas Marcy - I hope you have lovely holidays!


Wool is good. The sheep must have gotten it confused with sheepskin and that would be bad.


Cute! At least the sheepy is getting a ride albeit an uncomfortable looking one.

Amelia Garripoli

ROTFLOL hahahahaha thanks! Velvet, indeed!

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