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December 07, 2007


the farmer's wife

What an awesome photograph. As a once-upon-a-time anthropology student I can tell you the importance of recording everyday scenes such as this.


Cool picture! I followed a link to see the Latvian mittens, but I can never resist silk reeling!


thanks for the interesting photo!


Wow! Fascinating picture. I have so much to learn about the fiber arts!

Diane H K

There's nothing quite as fun as sitting in the cold mud boiling silkworm cocoons. Look at the mud on the shoes to the right. Yeesh. Probably why these two fellows look so damned cheery.

Interesting that the photographer had a portable backdrop...

Sandra D

That's a good photo, but I'm sure glad you told me what was happening. I'd have been hard pressed to figure it out!


this seems like a job that is best done with 2 people!


Judging from their garments, it must be very cold outside. Fibering is only fun if you get to *chose* to do it, not when it becomes work.

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