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January 15, 2008



Yes, definitely taken before 1900. However, Howe photograpahs were quite common in the Pittsfield area. He may also have had a "salon" in Pittsfield or nearby Newport.


If I live long enough my nose and chin will meet. I wonder if we're related.


I'm impressed that she could keep her hands still enough for a photo.


I picture her knitting while the photographer fussed with plates and things. Because if you know you're going to have a couple of minutes to wait for something, what else would you do?

Diane H K

If memory serves, I believe Howe (there may have been more than one, even brothers) went around MA and other parts of New England as photographers. I think the Greenfield Historical Society (MA) has pictures with the Howe imprint.


She's working on three needles so I'm thinking socks, and best of all, she's a continental knitter! I knew I liked her.


She probably had a Christmas knitting deadline to meet.


I love the sense that industry/knitting was important enough to be photographed. No idle hands for her.


That really is an awesome photo. If I ever have my image made again down in Gettysburg I'm going to be holding my knitting this time.


I love the fact that you cqan see so clearly that the background is a painted "flat". And her shoes - well-worn but lovingly cared for. So much richness of detail!

dale-harriet in WI

I LOVE her! She looks more serene than sad, but appears to be in High Mourning - I'd love to visit with her. (There's a little story forming in my head about her sweet self!)

Account Deleted

Did you try asking here: http://www.pittsfieldhistoricalsociety.org/


Her dress appears to be very much like a dress my great-great was wearing for her photo in the 1880's. I'll have to pull that out and see what the date is.

Janice in GA

I take things like knitting with me to all sorts of places. It cuts down on anxiety for me. I call them my "ritual comfort objects."

Maybe that's what her knitting was. :)


In noticing details, and wondering about her choosing to be photo'd with her knitting, I am thinking about her glasses perched on her head. This seems like an informal formal portrait, almost like a candid shot, which seems unusual for the time period. She also has a lovely dress!


I'm curious now to find out if anyone in my husband's family was ever a photographer in the northeast. My last name is Howe and while it's not unheard of, it's not super-common either. And "wandering photographer" is just the sort of thing someone from my hubby's family would be all about, lol.

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