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January 07, 2008



Neat! I have seen the carding mill at OSV, but unfortunately it wasn't in operation the day I was there. One of the things that I like about Sturbridge is that it's modeling a time of transition- hand-cobbled shoes, but with machine made pegs.


Sounds like a fun educational process. It goes on the list.


I haven't been to OSV since I was a kid. A field trip is definitely indicated. (There's one at the textile history museum too, but it doesn't run afaik.)

There's what's left of a pencil factory on the conservation land behind our neighborhood. I never thought about it before, but now that I do you're right that the brook it's on is quite small, and I wouldn't have thought would power much of anything. Wrong again.

Beth S.

Hydro-powered carding... I had no idea such a thing ever existed. Wow.


So they could send their fleeces off to be processed, even way back then. I have a piece of counterpane that was dyed and woven in 1839 by some ancestors from their own sheep. Until I became a spinner, I didn't realize all the steps that went into that coverlet. I wonder if they sent their fleeces off~


Good lesson today! I have been to Sturbridge but do not remember seeing carding machines - I'll have to go back! Have you been to the Old Slater Mill in Pawtucket RI? Been years since I've been there, but your post reminded me of it. It's a factory, so later in the process, but still interesting.


There ain't no dawgs under that porch! Are you certain it's West Virginia?


My family up on PEI still does that; they still have a wool pool at the MacAusland Woolen mill. Their carders look only slightly newer than that one too. Haha! http://www.flickr.com/photos/cherylf/905736514/in/set-72157601510745176/


Wonderful history lesson today. :-)

dale-harriet in WI

Yet another reason to try to get to Sturbridge! Don't know as I've said before but I *love* your site and all the pictures. I use them in turn as my desktop picture. Thank you, for all of them!

Teresa C

It is so educational here!


omg! i was given that exact same wheel. i wondered why it had that thing on the front! i like how she uses it to hang :prepared fiber"

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