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February 18, 2008



OMG! That is too much!


I looked at the slide show and I still can't figure out wtf they are selling. Underwear? Some of the slides have no recognizable piece of clothing that I can see.


I think I was most struck by the six-pack. Can you imagine being handed that outfit, and being told you have to parade down a runway in it?


oh... mah... gawd, Beckeh... look at those... they're like a mighty forest of woolly, wilted... um, wow... and Thanks!!! I'm totally sending this to all my friends!!

Gail maki

I wonder if he would be allowed as a viking at a SCA event? Snort!


When this first came up I said "What is it?" out loud. It took a minute to register as human.


Those of us who miss the blog, "You knit what?" appreciate this kind of thing and hope you will display more such, er, interesting items.


that john galliano is insane.


I swear to god I thought this was a muppet!!!!

Then I saw the abs and realized the muppets don't flash their abs in costume. Holy headress batman - are the designers smoking crack, or do they just think we are!?!


Those appendages are supposed to be flaccid what? Fiber cond0ms? A truly WTF moment I'm afraid!


Oh, and I wonder if the face-covering balaclava was actually part of the design, or did the model insist on it before braving the catwalk?


About the only think I feel able to say is: nice sixpack!


I'm glad I'm not the only one who took more than a minute decipher those body parts...


Well Halloween is always around the corner and everyone is looking something "unique" to wear. If you answer the door and see this I bet you would still be guessing what the costume is.


It's stuff like this that gives knitting a baaad name! What on earth was the designer thinking??!!

Beth S.

Let's see: those horns might be a good place to hang a coffee cup holder?... Nah, I got nuthin'.


Can't these fashion people find something, anything, more productive to do with their time and vast resources? Post-war Chanel it's not. Haute couture has devolved to detrius. I can't even laugh at it anymore.


I just don't get high fashion.


Wow, that's wild. I kinda think it would be fun to see this guy at a rodeo in Aspen Co. or some place where old west cowboys meet Hollywood types.

dale-harriet in WI

Appendages -- well, if that's some sort of *athletic* apparel, perhaps he could keep his balls in them....and where to wear it? Well, let's see - I feel qualified to say that if he appeared at ANY North American Indian affair (and I mean from the Passamaquoddy in the east all the way to the Nez Perce and Crow in the west) -- he'd be laughed out of town. Other than that? I'm with Andrea: Viking Sheep and Wool show.

Andrea (noricum)

Yipes! It took me several minutes to decipher the body parts in that contraption.

Where to wear it? The only thing I can think of is a viking sheep and wool festival...


There are not enough letters in the alphabet to say how funny that is - LOL?ROFL?WTF?ROFLMFAO?

Janice in GA

I like your judicious cropping of that image. :)

The Feminist Mafia

Of course, your text is perfect, but seriously ... WTF?

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