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March 25, 2008



Is that a halo or an exceptionally lacy shawl?

dale-harriet in WI

I thought she looked East Indian too - the posture, perhaps. Is there a story about how you happened to have a 250-ruble note, nevermind from 1919?


At first glance, I assumed the stamp was Indian. Serbia came as a surprise. My second thought was her back must be killing her!

Sandra D

Great find! Thanks for posting this one.

Beth S.

It's interesting that the spinner still got to be on the bill in 1919. Lots of Party officials were probably jockeying for her spot by then!

Maybe they are on the other side...


That IS pretty cool. We used to be important back then.

Are you planning on CTS&W?


While spinning, I may not actually have a halo glowing around me, but I sure feel like I do!

Diane H K

I often find that, while I'm spinning, a golden halo emanates from my head. Doesn't that happen to everyone?



Very cool - and I think I've seen a halo like that behind a spinner that had just felt the first 'click' of everything falling into place. ;o)

Janice in GA

What exactly is she REALLY doing, though? She's got a wheel with a spindle and a swift.

Methinks she's winding pirns.


Glad you are back - always such wonderful images with much to think about.


That's a country that values the appropriate commodities.

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