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March 09, 2008



There are laws still on the books in Boston specifying times of the day that farmers may graze their animals on the Common. It would certainly reduce both the need for petrofertilizer and stinky, loud mowers...


I thought about the sheep in front of the White House too. That would be great wouldn't it?

Sue T.

Even better... bring sheep back to the White House!



I'm willing to bet we have laws against them now. (Not saying it's right, or anything.)

Oh, and there's a meadow in CP called "Sheep Meadow"...

Kathy H

When the hubs and I were in Zurich, a flock of sheep were herded over a bridge near the downtown area. Also, the Pizza Hut had squid pizza. And we did NOT see Tina Turner walking around. But I digress.


Sheep in Europe have spindly looking legs btw. At least the ones in Greece, Turkey, Romania and Yugoslavia did when I was growing up. Mafia- since when did shepherdesses back then wear jackets with lapels? ;-) This guy has a large chest/belly spilling out over his waistcoat giving him the "boob" look.


It looks so wonderfully bucolic! Hey, did you know you make my day?

Andrea (noricum)

That would be so awesome. :) Being the Central Park shepherd sounds like fun. :)


I'd be giddy if that happened! :-)

Beth S.

Let's bring 'em back to Boston Common too! Fleece for everyone! :-)


Beautiful picture. I love to see what you find.
That would be a good idea - and help people connect like danana said.
It might be interesting to see how that would affect the people.
Keep up the great pictures!


Very spindly sheep! And mixed colours too.

The Feminist Mafia

Only if the shepherds are women, like this one -- who clears has boobs. Not that I notice that sort of thing...


Yes - well - when we were in England, we saw sheep Everywhere. They were in public parks, wandering around, which made it challenging walking in the grass! Somehow they made it feel like a much smaller world, more real. Sheep in NYC might help people feel more connected, down-to-earth?

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