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June 15, 2008



Interesting...the city gate looks a LOT like the city gate of Kaliningrad, where our children are from. K'grad used to belong to Germany (East Prussia), hence many people still speak german there and there's lots of German influence. Kaliningrad is now part of Russia, between Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea. We were there in 2004 to adopt our kids. Went thru the city gate each time we visited our daughter's orphanage in Sovetsk...all of 100 yards from the boarder with Lithuania! My father's family is from Lithuania. Our driver in K'grad was from Estonia! Thanks for the neat pictures and information. :o)


Wonderful photo. I agree with Rachel H that looking at it makes me feel like a slacker. About that coat of arms, though--it looks more like the head of a mace than a ball of yarn to me, especially since it's looming in the sky above a fortified castle. :) I enjoy your blog.


This is how the men of the community kept control. The weight of the firkin keeps the mouth firmly clamped shut.


I bet she could dance on the head of a pin!

Thanks Marcy, great post.


Ah yes, the good old days of yore - I pine for the simple life left behind - not.

Rachel H

Wow. Suddenly my one evening of knitting a sock while fielding a soccer ball for my son's team practice seems like slacking...

Sandra D

Whoa! I second the comment about her muscles! Hey look - 5 dpns! The coat of arms looks like yarn to me!


I've always wondered why the upright tab on old buckets of this sort. And where do you find these gems? Must I read through old posts to find out? I have spinning and knitting and spinning and carding and knitting and etc. to do, I can't be meandering through old versions of you, you know.


Great posture! Look at the ripping muscles on her forearms. Whoa!


Bit of a pained expression!

I wonder if it's milk in the container - water,if it has to be carried that far, would be in larger buckets. And is it actually a hat/headdress or a pad for when she's carrying things.

Either way, a very capable lady. Thank you for sharing.


Awesome multitasking there. We should all be so capable.


What's in the firkin? Water?


I am always cheered by your posts. Thanks, Bonnie


She's quite the multitasker.


Your link for Bückeburg has an extra "http://" in it which is keeping it from working. It looks like a lovely little town.

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