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June 27, 2008



Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.


nice to see you're still alive Miss Marcy.


Ezara Penning

I am such a slacker! I only have one wheel!


Abby's response is PRICELESS. I just fell in love.


I, too, came here directly from Abby's site and had a moment of visual disconnect. While I only have a measly two wheels, one of them (the antique) came from a woman who has an etire BARN full. When I adopted my baby, I walked up the steps and almost swooned. Steph jokes about yarn fumes....I swear there were wheel fumes in that barn. I became a spinner for life that day.
Thanks for continuing the good works, I always look forward to your posts.

Beth S.

Oh, why oh why couldn't this woman have been my grandmother? Or at least a great-aunt kindly inclined toward the nieces? ;-)


Ah. Mrs. Neste of the no-first-name syndrome.

I wonder if she used them?


Dang I thought I was doing pretty well, but if Abby only has to get one more to catch up - I am in trouble! Love the pictures you find!


What a great way to taunt Abby! Love it!


SO M, why don't you show us what your goodly number of wheels looks like?

Amelia G.

That is just too funny ... and glad to know that this isn't a new problem ;-)

I'm not gonna post a picture of my wheels in one place anytime soon, the husband would swoon!

I bet Mrs. Neste was a teacher, too -- I see possible duplicates in her collection.


i don't feel quite so bad about my yarn stash anymore.


Hehe, I came here straight from Abby's blog...I was very confused for a moment.


Oh, thanks a lot! I had just about got myself believing that 'five is enough' when you post this.
My retirement fund is in danger.

Deborah Robson

Note to Abby: Heck, it ought to be great fun to find one more wheel.

Deborah Robson

The thing is, all wheels are different. This is sort of like having a gathering of all your good friends around you.

I don't have anywhere near that many wheels. I may, however, have an equivalent amount of fiber.

Marcia  Cooke

TOO funny!


That's fantastic!

Abby Franquemont

Crap. I have to buy ONE MORE WHEEL and catch up to her.

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