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June 22, 2008



Oh, so funny and so true! Not the nun bit, but the cat launching itself at the spindles - I have had to give up spindling at home for the duration (around four years, I should think!) Barni in particular can hurl himself around corners if I risk the attempt and he and the spindle go flying.


ROFLMAO I love your sense of humor. And, it is so true for oh-so-many facets of life, it is not?

dale-harriet in WI

Wonderful! I have a story I've written, sort of a kidlit bit, about a weaver and her magic cat; this would be a perfect illustration! I love the look on the spinster's face, how often have we knitters looked that way? (And thank you for this one, it IS the best of the litter)


How do you find these things! This is really neat. Any idea how the Latin translates? (I guess it's Latin) I love the kitty, it can be argued whether it is helping or hindering?


Hmmm - maybe he uses his claws as a tensioning device. How can I train Charlie????

Diane H K


(dashes off to retrieve ball of yarn from Fred the cat...)


My favorite picture you've had!

Beth S.

That is SUCH a sweet picture. One of my very favorites so far!

What happened to the whorl, though?


Change of wardrobe??? Looks like me: cold morning, robe, nightgown and shawl.

Mojo, however, is not striped.

Deborah Robson

What a treat to find this this morning. I'm e-mailing to my daughter. . . . Thanks. . . .


This is fabulous! I must show Mason.


Fabulous! I am amazed to see a sense of humor in illuminated manuscript art.


Too funny! Love it!


Her dress seems almost gauzy, a little see-through. Do you think that was artistic license by a sexually repressed monk? Or did they really wear clothes that thinly woven?

Janice in GA

I laughed out loud. :)


But does Gracie play with spindles like that? That would be a bad habit in a spinner's cat.

Andrea (noricum)

That illustrator must have either been a spinner with a cat, or found some special pleasure watching spinners and cats interact. ;)



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