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July 17, 2008


Stephanie Hauser

I'm so sorry Marcy. She was a nice lady. I wasn't keeping up with ST and I read about her passing on Stephanie's blog. I couldn't believe it. Waving dpns in SC.


and how are you doing? my first personal introduction to Ruth was way back when, when I was having the worst of the ex issues before he was ex - I vented to the list, it happened to coincide with a swap partner who flaked out and what appeared in the mail? half a pound of Ruth's special handspun, hand dyed, bright blue and green sock yarn completely infused with her joy, her support, her strength and just a whole lot of "Ruth-ness." She's been a positive force for me ever since. I envy the time you've had with her...I hope you're doing ok.


What a great picture of her and Oley. I've met Oley - Ruth was on my list of "I wanna meet someday". Just too sudden.


I'm sorry. Far too young, far too soon. Sounds PEish since she had her Achilles rupture, and was wheelchairing it a great deal. There just is no such thing as fair.


What a beautiful picture of her. Thank you. And--crum...

Sue T.

Marcy, thank you for posting the perfect Ruth picture. Somehow my mind just won't wrap around the fact that we won't have her with us any more. We have lost a treasure and a truly kind person. She always knew - "Nice matters!"


What a wonderful picture ... thanks for posting it.

waving dps...


This is just so shocking and sad. Hubby's doctor warned him of blood clots due to being in a cast and made him take aspirin daily for two weeks....


What a great photo- I had forgotten she was at Judith's classes at Harry's. That photo brought back the memories of her there, and what fun that week was. I'll miss her, too.
Hugs to you.


Oh Marcy, I am so sorry to read this.


What a great photo Marcy. Thanks for posting it.


I am so sorry.


I'm so sorry, Marcy.


Our Ruth?! What?! Email me please?


Sending you my deepest sympathy. I didn't know her, but went to the blog through your link - this must have been sudden, as she just posted, in the middle of a wonderful vacation. I'm so sorry...so many thoughts and prayers are with you and her family...


Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. I have never met her, but have enjoyed her blog.

Janice in GA

I just recently met Ruth online. She was doing some of the same stuff with cotton that I want to do, and I was eager to hear more of her work. I'd also been following her vacation blog.

I'm just stunned that she's gone, and that I won't have a chance to know her better. :(


I'm so, so sorry for the loss of your friend Marcy. May she rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you and her family.


Wow..really? She just blogged on Monday! What happened?

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