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August 02, 2008


dianna rubidge

I've been patiently spinning by the wayside with goats at my side hoping for a passing queen to reward me. Alas.

Deborah Robson

Wonderful. Thank you!


Now that's a good story! Beats King Wenceslas. Do you think those little girls are holding their distaffs correctly? I stick mine in the couch.


Mental fiber, that's what Adelaide is lacking, clearly.

Somebody needs to start making a line of Bertha spindles and distaves. "Strong intellect, industry, and noble nature" sound like good qualities for such implements of construction.

Beth S.

Why isn't SHE a saint, I'd like to know...!

p.s. There ought to be a wheel named after her, even though she must have been strictly a spindle spinner.


No wonder they had to be industrious, look at all the cloth they're wearing!

I often wonder about the economy of cloth when everything had to be made by hand.


What I would like to know is just how many spinners were there at that time and how many spinners are there today? Are there more wheels now due to modern manufacture? And where exactly do we find that type of info?

I have always heard that more people spin today. Lower percentage but greater numbers.


Wonder what they will say about us and our era of spinning, 1000 years from now.


Actually, old Adelaide looks like she might be a little lacking in the fiber department...the dietary kind, heh! Interesting set of photos!

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