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October 14, 2008



Hmmm - me thinks the bells suck for the sheep and since they're so big, they gotta be loud and wouldn't be music to anyone's ears but the shepherd. Not planning to bell any sheep any time soon.

Jami from WI

Beautiful picture!! I wish I'd taken that.


Can you imagine what it's like to wear a bell around your neck? Am I seeing correctly that one is bigger than the other? You could have a chorus of tuned sheep bells!


Hola! Since you are so mean, I'm commenting....

Cute sheep, but why are they staring at us???? (no, I'm not paranoid, just sleep deprived)

Amy, still clamoring for Oley pictures


Breed? Location? And what does Ovejas mean and in what language? Details, I demand details! ;ь

Grace Hatton

Marcy, are you going to Rhinebeck? I could catch up with you there. Grace
hatton at ptd dot net


OMG! Squeal! I can't believe I'm the first to comment!

They are inquisitive little fellows aren't they? And, um, my bell is bigger than your bell.

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