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November 16, 2008



Funny, I never associate sheep with the African continent. Shows how ignorant one can be.


She sells shopped sheep at the sheep shop?

dale-harriet in WI

CORRECTION! On the *left* is where the auction is; on the right it looks like two young shepherds are being shown to that group, most of whom don't look impressed......

dale-harriet in WI

Oh, it's quite clear - the sheep are there buying shepherds! You can see on the right there, a group of sheep standing along the fence bidding on the fellow in the middle. I wondered if there weren't fairs like this, I was sure I'd read about the ones in Ireland.....


Nice postcard. Funny caption. Cracking up at Laurie's comment!


Sheep shoppers or shopped sheep, who cares. Say it fast five times without the who cares.


Umm, me thinks those sheep are the shoppees, not the shoppers.

Sandra D

Way cool! I don't see anything a sheep would want to buy though!


I love your posts. I never stir from my nest, so it makes me feel more connected to the fiber world, past and present. And they are beautiful too.


Thanks for the pictures! I eagerly await my next dose of fiberly history! Keep 'em comin'

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