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December 28, 2008


Alfred Eberle

When I lived in Japan and was re-writing an ENGLISH textbook for high school students for the board of ed where I worked in Kyoto, the head of the school board - who did not speak or read or write English - had final editing rights in the English version after it left my desk. Let's just say he used his privilege thoroughly, but still attributed his 'corrections' to me in the newly-printed (and rife with errors) textbook. Yikes...


You need to submit that to Engrish.com! Too funny.

Roxanne Boyd

Hi Marcy,
Jenny Atkins and I are scheduling the workshops for the mass sheep and wool festival. At the fiber twist we talked to you about doing a presentation or demo of some sort. Email me and let me know if that is still a possibility. Thanks, Roxanne


Is an example of a non-productive knitting time where something is started and restarted several times because of a knitterly glitch? (The glitch can either be the pattern OR the knitter OR both)

Sandra D

Good. I wouldn't want to knit with stale yarn. Guess that's why I have so much in my stash - it's too stale to knit with. Great label - thanks!

dale-harriet in WI

I guess I hadn't ever wondered if my knitting time was *useful*....I suppose it is, but other terms come to mind first --


It makes me wonder how English labels get mangled in translation!


Having lived in Japan that is a good example of their use of translations to English. I remember a SUV with a saying on the wheel cover about "Happy Nature Time" Right....:)


Wasn't "fresh like a gentle breeze" a Summer's Eve ad? Yet another example of foreigners learning English from American TV!

Andrea (noricum)

Uh, okay...


gotta love the Japanglish language :]


What a hoot! Is it ackryic?

ccr in MA

Lovely, if mystifying, label.


Yeah, but is it organic? jkng :)Looks pretty tasty!

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