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March 08, 2009



He could not spin cause he kept falling asleep after counting all them sheep.


Naw.. I think he's the owner. The shepherd might not be wearing a tie.


Do you think he dressed up for the photo shoot? That's my guess. Back then a photo was worth putting your Sunday best on.


And the wagon! I just saw a modern sheepherder's wagon at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo this weekend, and I so want one...because I'm pretty sure if I have the wagon the sheep will come, right?


The gun is also probably for critters. Seems formally dressed for the job.


But I bet he ate the occasional lamb chop.


How long do you think it takes those women to spin all that wool? That may not even be an afternoons worth of work for them! Wonderful photos.

dale-harriet in WI

Oh yeah, Tsarina - I saw the gun too. I mean, he HAS a dog - I'd be very wary of a guy with a gun around any sheep of mine. On the other hand, GREAT PICTURE! Let's see -- THIEVES, that's what he has the gun for. Nasty, horrid hooligans out for free wool - good thing those sheep have a Noble Protector! (That's my story and I am SO sticking to it!) :o)


I had to look at the picture twice - what I thought was a big pile of rocks was actually the sheep! (Evidently I should've clicked for bigness.)


And he dressed up for the photo! Are you sure he's a shepherd? Them's mighty fine duds.


Boggles my mind!!!

Divine Bird Jenny

It looks like the wagon is about to be carried away by a cloud of poofball wool. :D


Wow, when they herd, they HERD. You'd think they could let them take a LITTLE more room to spread out...


Is he hiding a wife in that there wagon cabin who might be?

Tsarina of Tsocks

One man, a couple of dogs, a GUN, and thousands of sheep. And a few suspiciously dead-looking whitish lumps. Definitely not a spinner.

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