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March 22, 2009



Hi - I just wanted to let you know that I gave the sheep M&M's (that you posted on a little while ago)to my knitters, and they were very impressed! They thought they were gourmet or something...thanks for the wonderful idea! I hope you are enjoying spring!


I like the black and white photo best.


i love that cat.

dale-harriet in WI

Oh yeah, the black-and-white is certainly the better shot - and there are those of us who think ANY picture (especially a sheep-y, yarn-y, spinning-y or knitterly one) is much enhanced by a resident cat! This is wonderful!


And a rather under-fed Pit Mix. Maybe that's why the cat is up so high.


That looks like my place in Montana before I added on to the cabin. She has better fields, though my logs are way fatter.

And yes, you'd spin outside to get light. Even when you do have windows in a little cabin like that, the walls are thick enough that not much light comes in.

Ah, black powder. Bet I could hit a varmint a very very long distance away with those.

DD's cat used to sit up on the corner of the cabin just like that and howl at night...


That is just like a cat to steal the show!

Is the 4 armed skeiner mounted on the wheel?

I like that she keeps her shotguns handy ;-)


I like the dog, and that he obviously moved his head to watch whatever was swinging on the corner of the cabin, so they're both a bit blurred.


What a cool image.


I really enjoy the pictures you find. That is such a great picture.
I love the black and white version best.


I really like this image, but it takes away some of the romance from the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Everything looks so rough and wild.

Do you think she's spinning outside because there's better light, or because the log cabin is too fusty?

Sandra D

That's a big cat. Great period photo!

Tsarina of Tsocks

Poor cat. Definitely belongs in the image - really makes the composition, and the expression on his face is every bit as priceless as the expression on the spinner's. I can see why he'd have to be cropped out for the post card format, but... feh. The first image has better aspect ratio, better grain depth, better... hell, it's just BETTER. Loves me some good black & white with some good balance.

Oh yeah - cool spinning image, too.

Divine Bird Jenny

I was sad not to see the cat in the tinted version!


Aw, I can't believe they took the cat out of the tinted photo! I feel her presence is a nice touch.

Janice in GA

Dog on the ground, cat on the rafter. (Is it a rafter if it sticks out like that?)

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