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April 27, 2009



I am going to weigh in that it is weaving that girl is holding under her needles. The line running up to her finger seems to be on the other side of the fibre as well and not acting yarn-like.

I think the boots are not hers.

I love her pencilled eyebrows.


She's probably carrying the shoes on her head because they are a prized possesion; she probably went barefoot unless absolutely necessary - the better to make them last.


Agreed that's not knit, it's woven. Maybe the knitting is going down into the woven bag? And it just doesn't appear to have a bottom.

Andrea (noricum)

Hee... it's like they were trying to make it look like the same hands and project were photoshopped into each photo... but there are minor differences between the pinkies, and the amount visible in the centre crease. They'll have to try harder if they want us to believe they had photoshop way back then! ;) (I'm trying to sound silly, but the humour could be lame due to lack of sleep. If so, I apologize.)

dianna rubidge

These are great. You people are good detectives. All I had noticed is that she actually seems to be a knitter. The hand positions look knitterly anyhow.


But ...why are her shoes on her head????


I love "type corse" and "type de jeune femme" ahhhh the french have a certain way with words.


I'm pretty sure it's the same woman. And the knitting is exactly the same.


I'm wondering where she keeps the yarn? Are there hidden pockets in her garment?

Diane H K

They're both the same woman, and the same knitting. Not an uncommon practice in early photography. Just change the costume slightly and snap (well, not snap, but you know what I mean).

Knitting with shoes on top of head. I'll have to try it. Silly me, I've been knitting with shoes on my feet all these years.


I think these are hats - I'm sure I've seen stripey stocking hats in a reference about this time and in the Med somewhere.

It's either that or stockings. The vertical white line is the white yarn being carried up.

Great photo. I do enjoy the things you trawl out.


Yeah, and that their knitting seems to produce woven plaid. Crafty!

Amelia G.

Hey -- they're both knitting the same thing! Was it the Clapotis of their day?

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