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April 12, 2009


always feeling tired

This is one of the few Vincent van Gogh's I hate.


Very tired. But the sheep look well behaved.


A very melancholy Van Gogh, and perhaps you are right about the dog. Even the sheep look tired, though.

Sandra D

This isn't one I've seen before - thanks for posting it!


You'd think he could have sprung for a dog -- it's only paint!

They look awfully reluctant. I've seen sheep with that posture stand and stare into the corner of a fence and refuse to move.


Dogs make everything better. :)


When I first saw it I thought; "What a lovely and peaceful image...coming home."


I can't quite see it clearly, but isn't it interesting how the ear (or ear area) is done? We all know how Van Gogh wound up feeling about his own ear...


I am not so sure about absence of dog, dog might be behind. But all people in van Gogh paintings always look tired, or depressed. I do not remember any smiling or happy face in his paintings. I would say even sheep look tired in this painting; they look like do not want to go home for the night.

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