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July 31, 2009



My husband says:

"Yeah, you have to be married to a knitter to get that."


dale-harriet in WI

Ah, she's a Dear Old Thing, discharging her duties as chaperone as a caring person does: with earnest attention to the work at hand (and a keen ear to what's going on around one!)


Me? Paying attention to all these stupid young people? I have a job to do,not the time to pass frolicking around!

Oh, advantages of the old age! You can keep the expression on your face as you want it to be, not as required by some stupid customs.


She was probably knitting happily away in the shade, enjoying her thoughts, watching the birds, when someone yelled (probably that annoying whippersnapper in the stupid hat) "Hey Grandma! Get over here and get in this picture!" Dang it! Her ball of yarn is still sitting in the basket by her wicker chair, and she is just waiting for the moment when they are FINISHED and she can follow the yarn back and start enjoying her peace and quiet again!


Manise is usually right.

I could hear you saying, "I'm knitting, dammit."

blogless sharon

boy is she on a mission or what?

Diane H K

I too wonder about the absentee ball of yarn that has scampered off.

And I love seeing the shadow of the photographer, who was wearing a cowboy hat!


It looks to me like a scamp ran off with her yarn. As her looks clearly show, she is not amused and expects that yarn to be returned. Promptly.

The woman in white is smiling because it was one of her children who pulled this prank on the MIL.

Hey, but how cool is this? A toe up sock? I guess they aren't a recent invention after all...


It looks like she is in the "zone". Is she trying to ignore the people around her? Or maybe it is a gift she is trying to finish at the last minute.


Definitely not a happy knitter. Looks like a really long sock.

BTW, so sorry about your puppy - brought tears to my eyes.


A question- where the hell is the end of her yarn? Running away down the sidewalk??


Such concentration! I'd hate to disturb her. Perhaps she dropped a stitch?

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