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July 28, 2009


Sandra D

What a lovely card, and beautiful reminder of how valuable these creatures are to the shepherd.

dale-harriet in WI

I'm sending warm affectionate thoughts too - it's a lovely picture of an obviously well-loved friend, and the sadnss is bitter but eventually, like melting snow, diminishes, leaving only the deep joy you shared.......

dianna rubidge

So sorry about Oley. The loss of a close friend is very hard.


aw...been thinking of you. This brought a tear to my eye. I'm so very happy to see you post, and with such a beautiful image. Take care!

Erica SM

I bet Oley is hanging out with these lovely Italian Maremma ancestors now, guarding the sheeps on the other side. Wuf wuf.
I love you!


Time helps us get used to the loss. Hope you are healing.

Diane H K

So very sorry.

That's a great image. In addition to the foreground figures, I love the ruins of the Roman aqueduct in the background.


Losing ones best furry friend is hard. May the wonderful memories you have of him keep you smiling. It does get better with time. Call me will ya?


Grieving for our pets is such a difficult thing. I hope you are finding comfort these days.

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