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August 14, 2009



Anyone known how a spindle can be so sharp that Sleeping Beauty could have pricked her finger on one? Any illustrations out there?

Judi (jgr)

Yoooo Yoooooo Marcyyyyyyy! It's been two months - where are you?


hmmm, Marcy? This poor girl has been spinning by herself for a very, very long time now.... Doesn't she deserve a sheep or something? HUG

Sandra D

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this.


She makes flax look easy, as did the lady at FiberRevival. I'm sure it is not.


Can't help, but comment.
First, the girl is Ukranian, not Russia, which is stated in the caption and absolutely clear from her dress. She wears actually what is the Ukranian traditional bridal headpiece. Note the embroidery on her blouse and on the towel above the girl's head - such embroidery is a real pride of traditional Ukranian houshold.

Here http://kloobok.blogspot.com/ you can see the post on my friend's blog, they had a traditional Ukranian wedding for their son, except the bride is in the white dress, not lavishly embroidered blouse and skirt as it would be in Ukrain, but her headpiece is exactly as I have seen it in my childhood in Ukrain.



Could it be a sitting distaff? I'm looking for the base of it in the photo, but from here it is hard to tell...


She looks frozen with fear of the camera! Lovely costume, though; especially the headdress.

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