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December 31, 2009



I've been looking at this post and hearing women comment about the leadership ER provided during the Depression for a while now, when whaddaya know, a friend asked me to join her in seeing/listening to this:

Sandra D

Thanks for this post!! New images of ER for me, and I'm delighted you shared them.


I don't like idolizing political figures because it seems like the more you learn about them, the more you're likely to become disappointed. Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the few figures that becomes more intriguing the more I learn about her though. Thanks for the great picture and information.


Thoughtprovoking, as always. Love and good wishes for the New Year.

Fran  a.k.a. Oh!ZoneKnits

I've always admired ER as a great role model (the kind we need more of these days!) and it's so interesting to see her commemorated on a postage stamp. I LOVE the official White House portrait for the way it captures her intellect, enthusiasm and practical skills so well.

Thanks again for a wonderful post and Happy nEWE Year, Marcy!


Wonderful! Happy New Year!


Like Judi, I would have loved to meet Mrs. R. Great post!

May 2010 bring you joy and contentment (and maybe a visit to the West Coast?). --syl


Great find. I had no idea!


Great picture!

Makes ya wonder what ever happened to that yarn she made?!

blogless sharon

Good stuff. I always learn something new when I rad your posts!


I didn't know that! How cool. Happy New Year, Marcy!


My husband, teenage daughter and I visited ER's home in Hyde Park last year. It's the home of a regular person with homemade needlepoint cushions on the sofa and a bit of knitting left on the chair as if she just got up to answer the phone. Highly recommend a visit.


I enjoy and learn from all your posts, but this one is SUPERFANTASTIC! I had never seen either of these images before. Mrs. Roosevelt is one of the historic figures I would really have enjoyed meeting.

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