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January 06, 2010



This is lovely--surprisingly moving, seeing the continuity of spinning through time and geography.


Yooooo Hooooo!! Hey Girl, it's time for your bi-monthly blog post - I'm suffering from withdrawal here.


PS - here's a link


Hey Marcy! Don't know if you recognize my name or remember me, we've been at many a knitting party together (formerly melanoma uberalis blog). Wanted to see if you were interested in test driving my husband's hand made spindles, it's new hobby of his and we need some expert constructive feedback! Let me know and I'll send you one!

blogless haron

I just love the photos. You girls loo like your in spin heaven


I just discovered tonight that Bloglines doesn't alert to all updates of subscribers. I thought you have dropped off the face of the earth.

Sandra D

Love both photos! Thanks.


Love it, love it, love it!
I want one of those wheels.
Diane L./sheepdream on Ravelry, Bloomington,IN.

dale-harriet in WI

How wonderful! I love both of these - I admire spinners enormously, but that's for my next life; this time around, I knit. (Good thing I believe in reincarnation!)


Well, the least you could all do is drape hankies over your heads.


I would say you're sorely lacking in the headdress department! Maybe next time you could gussy it up a little...

Do you all have the same wheels?


I rectagonize quite a few of y'all up there! That's an awesome photo of you all. And sporting handknit sweaters too?


I recognize some but not all in the upper photo. Names, please???

Great juxtaposition. Thank you.


Nevermind the headdresses - they are all wearing shoes! And stockings! I don't know how to spin with my shoes on.

Janice in GA

I dunno. The headdresses would ensure you had enough room between spinners. No knocking elbows with those puppies on!

And for some reason, the wheels in the old picture made me think of Schachts.


Not only are the wheels prettier, but so are the spinners!

Andrea (noricum)

The dresses are fine, but the headdresses are a bit unwieldy. I already have trouble walking unscathed through doorways as it is. I think I'd be constantly knocking that thing off.


Why yes, I can see the resemblance. They look like they are ready to work, you girls are just showing off.
Thanks for sharing them. Great fun.

Eileen Gartland

OK. What's with the headgear? I'm sorry, but I would end up with the headdress tangled in the yarn , in the wheel , in my neighbors wheel...



They even dressed their dressed distaffs!

I bet they store their extra flax on top of their heads under their kerchiefs.

Great photo analogy--thanks!


Our wheels are prettier, IMNSHO.


I thought so by looking at their headdresses, but Spreewald is in the Sorbian region of Germany. Sorbians are a Slavic ethnic group with their own language.

Interesting that they all had castle-type wheels and your group all had Saxony wheels.

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